About us

The Waggerland Kennels are located in the rural village Vortum-Mullem in the province Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands.
I enjoy life here together with my husband Hanno Dijkhorst, our daughter Charlotte, our son
Valentijn along with many other animals.
I started breeding Cardigans under the prefix “Waggerland”.
My first big love in Cardis was Ch. Floatin’ Cyntaf in Blue, a beautiful Blue with a great character bred by
Mrs. Ph. Bitter-van Sliedregt from Floatin’ kennels in Holland who mentored me at the beginning of my passion of this breed.
I still enjoy our moments of contact.
I was blessed to have known the late Mrs. N. van Gelderen-Parker who sadly passed away in 2009 at a high age.
She also was my tutor and we spend many hours going through books and magazines, talking corgis, other breeds and judging.
She was a respectable breeder (kennel "Green Beret") and a well known judge
for many breeds but particularly both Corgi breeds.
I would also like to mention the late Mrs. I. Maier from “Rarebit” kennels in Germany, she
sadly passed away in 2007. She was a beautiful human being, a good friend and she bred
my foundation bitch Ch. Rarebit Black Cressida.
Ofcourse I also need to name my once in a liftetime dog the great Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster who was bred by
Mr. and Mrs. D. Anthony in the USA, he was not
only a big winner, but also a true Cardigan, he has brought me so much, he will always stay in my heart!
Some of our dogs are now and then having a great time with their fostermum,
Lisa Croft-Elliot, we are very grateful for everything she does for them.
In the meanwhile I am a FCI judge for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi,
the Bearded-, Rough- and Smooth Collies, the Old English Sheepdog,
Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd, the Shetland Sheepdog Lancashire Heeler,
Australian Cattle Dog,  Australian Kelpie, the Briard (group 1)
and the Dachshund (FCI group 4).
Truly lucky I have been with some great judging appointments, like judging the Corgi Specialties in different countries,
judging at the World Dogshow in Amsterdam in 2018.
Although breeding and showing my own dogs comes first, I really enjoy judging dogs and I know what comes with it so
I respect all exhibitors and their dogs.
I am a member of a committee that advises the board of the Dutch Kennelclub on breeding and health related issues.
I think it’s very important to reflect on dogbreeding, keeping your knowledge as a breeder up to date and to constantly move on.
For years I have been in the board of the ASCN, the Dutch
breedclub for Australian Shepherds, many years as president.
In the past I was a dogtrainer for 15 years at 2 dogclubs recognized by the
Dutch Kennelclub, teaching puppies, ringtraining, obedience and so on.
I show my dogs throughout the world and I am a members of breedclubs like:
the Dutch Welsh Corgi Association (DWCA)
and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association (CWCA).
 I score all our dogs on hips and eyes (clinical test and DNA for PRA), I test my dogs on Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
and I do this to know what is going on in my lines.
I don't want to exclude carriers or affected animals from my breeding but my goal is to not breed new affected ones.
We are lucky to have some DNA-tests in the breed, therefore we can use the carriers and even
the affected dogs and within some generations we can breed clear dogs again.
As more DNA-tests will be available in the future, there's also a danger.
Eventually any dog will score bad on one test...
Testing is good but it all comes down to making the right breeding decisions.
In my humble opinion breeding should not become a "filling-in exercise" by checking defects
or diseases. I think of breeding as an art and as a breeder I have a very clear picture or
wish-list in my head, because of which I try to find great combinations all the time.
I think of my dogs as individuals with their strong and weaker points, if I use them within
my breeding program, I am convinced that they will contribute to the breed. Of course now
and then I encounter diseases or abnormalities in my dogs and puppies, but that comes
with breeding and having dogs. Breeders who say they don't have any problems
concerning health are hard to believe as every dog, every animal and any human being carries
bad genes and with every breeding or birth they might turn up.
Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that every dog is as sound as I would like it to be, but
I can guarantee how I will deal with such circumstances, I advise and guide my puppy owners and their
dogs and by the contract of sale in which I have made financial agreements.
I do give my dogs for stud for suitable bitches but I don't want my dogs to be used over and over
again so I limit the studs in the various countries.
Regarding my own breed plans, I look at health, construction and temperament and
I am very internationally orientated having imported dogs from all over the planet.
In 2018 I added a Miniature American Shepherd to my kennel.
While seeing them in the States, the breed really touched my heart.
When judging them in Hungary I fell in love with my puppies mum.
I was super lucky to be able to welcome a puppy bred by Judit Korosz-Papp from Hungary.
I hope this clever, supersweet and agile puppy can become my foundation bitch for this lovely breed.
The breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
I am grateful to the Dutch Kennelclub for the national recognition of this breed after a quick procedure.
Now let’s work on FCI-recognition.
Breeding is a hobby to me and asks for lots of hard work and dedication.
I select my bitches and studdogs very carefully.
My puppies are of course born and raised in our house.
Socialising my puppies and young dogs is very important to me as I think a good Cardi
is one with a sound and even temperament.
Health and soundness come first, as comes behaviour!
Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you will enjoy looking at my dogs
as much as I do!