November 8. 2018

Whoop whoop, always happy with good healthresults! Waggerland Just Jackie had her ECVO-test and all was well again.

Clear from all eye diseases for another year. Hope to have her mated to Priha next month.

Thanks other mum Erna for helping out!


October 21. 2018

At The Clubshow of the WCCN in Tiel (NL) Waggerland Unavailable did it again and was graded with top honours
by mr. M. Wibier who gave her Best of Breed. With this win she qualified for Dog of the Year 2018!
Her brother Waggerland Under Arrest went Best Opposite Sex and Floatin’ Helen Heilin went Best Veteran!!!

Woohoo, another great show!


October 17. 2018

Another super show for us at IDS Dortmund!

Wow we took 4 cardis to this Crufts qualifying show and bring home 2 Bundessiegers!

Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy went Best of Breed, her brother Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito went BOS and

both Waggerland Robin Hood, aka Marty, and Carddicted Return to Sender, aka Tin Tin, went reserve best male and

female under judge mrs. H. Bilsheim (DE).


And then to top it off... Happy went GROUP 2 under judge mr. C. Birk (DK).

In the mainring Happy was expertly handled by Naomi van Mourik!


October 13. 2018

OMG, what a thrill, after a never ending trip home from Warschau I made it for my Belgian Shepherd exams and...

I passed the tests for this great breed!!!

Big thank you to the breedclub, Marion Ten Cate and Pauline Stern Hanf for sharing their knowledge!


October 12. 2018

European Winner 2018 for Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy under breederjudge mr. M. Redlicki!

Woohoo!!! Her brother Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito, went Reserve Best Male!

What a great trip to Warschau in Poland it was!


October 10. 2018

We had fun together with 16 dogs at the clubshow organised by the NWCC.
We won some classes under judge mr. R. Blessing (DE) but that was it. Oh well, just another dogshow...

August 10. 2018

I was very humbled to judge 106 Border Collies and the junior Group 4 in the main ring at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam,

another assignment to remember!


August 9. 2018

It was great to judge Cardi’s at the Benelux Winnershow in Amsterdam, during the World Dogshow Events in The Netherlands!


August 3. 2018

I am so content with finishing my judging license for the Australian Cattle Dog at IDS De Meijerij in Den Bosch under

breedspecialist mrs. L. Mouchart-Kleingeld.


June 23. 2018

At the German Clubshow we entered a few Waggerlands.

Judge mrs. S. Muckle (UK) pointed at Priha, Bigwood’s Flash Sentry for Best Opposite Sex.

Floatin’s Helen Heilin went Best Veteran. Several dogs won their classes so we were happy!

Enjoyed the great venue a lot!


June 9. 2018

At IDS De Baronie we showed Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito under judge mr. R. Doedijns and he won Best of Breed!

In the main ring we place 8th under mr. Doedijns as well, what a thrill!

I was very happy to finish my judging license for the Australian Kelpie under mrs. L. Mouchart-Kleingeld at this show

and I’m grateful to the exhibitor to show her dogs.


May 11. 2018

We had super results at IDS The Europasieger in Dortmund…

Wow, it was our Priha, Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry who went Best of Breed under judge mr. P. Jentgen (LU) and…

won GROUP 1 under mr. H. Grutner (D). Wow, what a win!

Happy, Waggerland Unavailable won the junior title and Waggerland Just Jackie went Best Opposite Sex!


April 8. 2018

While I was out studying for the Belgian Shepherds, Amy and Gerben took my dogs over to IDS Luxembourg where

Lisa awaited them to show our team. We had some great results!

It was Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry, aka Priha, who won BEST OF BREED. Both Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito, as
Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, became Luxembourg Junior Champions and Vito went on to win a GROUP 2 in
    a big junior group! Woohoo team, very proud and grateful!

March 17. 2018

IDS Hazerswoude, another show where we took the double!

Judge mr. T. Jakkel (HU) pointed at Waggerland Robin Hood, aka Marty McFly, for BEST OF BREED and at

Waggerland Virgina Creeper, aka Pippa, for BEST OPPOSITE SEX!

Woohoo, it was Pippa’s first show in Junior and Marty finished his Dutch championship in style by also winning GROUP 3 with

his pilot Kristy Leest under judge mr. J. J. Dupas (F)!!!

Over the moon, congrats to his owners Tom Balm, Maika Balm & Christel Dannhof and a big thank you to Kristy Leest for

taking him to the top!


March 8. 2018


Some nice days out in Birmingham. Judging was not so good for us but we showed our dogs with pride!

Judge mrs. T. Taylor (Tamlin) awarded our Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry, aka Priha, with a 2nd place in Yearling like

Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito, who went 2nd in junior.

Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, went 3rd in junior and Waggerland Totally Awesome, aka Ivy, went. Reserve in Yearling.

Congrats to the winners Joseter Mr. Blobby who won BEST OF BREED and BEST OPPOSITE SEX Janie’s Got a Gun who is

by Waggerland On The Spot x Tamlin Queen Victoria!

We enjoyed being out there and had a fabulous time with our Waggerland family!


March 4. 2018

Second day in Groningen, todays judge was Pembroke breeder Bill Shelton (US).
Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito went 2nd in his class.
Waggerland Not For Sale, aka Elmo, went BEST OPPOSITE SEX and this time it was Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, who
won BEST OF BREED! With this win, she finished her junior championship in style!
We showed again in Brace and breedinggroup and ended twice as 2nd under judge mr. M. Koot and mr. H. Hoenderken.
To top it off, Happy made the cut in the GROUP.  

March 3. 2018

We had a blast at IDS Groningen! We had a change of judges as mr. A. Mathews was stuck because of a snowstorm.
New judge was mr. A Polgar (CZ) and he put up Waggerland Not For Sale, aka Elmo, as BEST OF BREED!
Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito, won his juniorclass and so did Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, who also
We also had a lot of fun doing brace and breedinggroups as it’s always hilarious to go in with a group of dogs who that doesn’t live
together, haha! But the result was nice, we won a nice res. BEST BREEDINGGROUP IN SHOW!

February 2. 2018

We could say that IDS Eindhoven is not our show…

This year we showed to mr. P. Berchtold (AU) and Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito, won the Res. CC from junior.

His sister Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, went 2nd in her class.


January 14. 2018

Woohoo, we qualified 2 dog for this year’s event of the DOG OF THE YEAR in THE NETHERLANDS.

Floatin’ Helen Heilin, aka Holly and Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry, aka Priha, walked down that Catwalk in style.

Holly was handled by my daughter Charlotte who enjoyed herself and Priha made the cut and won a lovely rosette under

judge mrs. C. Kerssemeijer.