February 14. 2020

We have some puppies available, please contact us by filling out our questionnaire on this website.


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Dutch Version


pictures by Ellen Duvekot


February 8. 2020

First time yoghurt for the Elmo x Tin Tin kids... yummie...


Januari 23. 2020

Woohoo, Charlotte becomes Reserve Champion L1 with her Welsh pony Bakelís Mistral at the

Regionals in Schijndel! Proud mum...

Januari 20. 2020

Woohoo, itís been a year since we had puppies!
They are here, 3 males and 2 females by Elmo x Tin Tin, all brindle!

January 12. 2020

Woohoo, we started 2020 with the annual Dog of the Year competition (on invitation only). 

Judge mr. M. Wibier selected Waggerland Unavailable, Happy, with the final six in the group!

Needless to say Iím very proud of making the cut like we did the last years.