Do Cardigans and Pembrokes combine ?

The articles on this site
are intended to provide
additional information about
the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

A lot of people ask us whether it’s wise to add a Cardigan or a Pembroke to their

beloved Pem or Cardi.

We first of all encourage people to have a second dog, most dogs will benefit from

having another dog around.

Having a dog of the same breed is a bonus as the dogs “speak the same language”,
this decreases the chance on having problems within your pack.
A lot of people think that 2 dogs or 2 bitches do not combine that well, we don’t agree
on that, as long as you are adding a puppy, 9 times out of 10, your dogs will come along
fine! Problems might arise when you add an adult or teenager to your group of dogs
as the picking order might be in danger.
We advise people to wait a bit before adding a puppy to your family. Once your older
dog is fully matured and you know his character, it’s so much easier to have a new puppy.

Remember to take your puppy on its own for socialising, otherwise you might experience “the

big brother effect” (as long as my guard is with me I feel good...).
Cardis and Pems vary more than you might think at first. The differences are not only
seen in their conformation but in temperament as well!

Cardis, we think, are more “hands on”, while playing with each other, they will grab each

other in their back, neck, ears or tail for example. Pems don’t really appreciated that...

Cardis like to chase each other and will stare and try to invite the other one to play,

Pems prefer to sprint without all silly and tiring jokes of the cardis.

Cardis might take off to hunt for (small) animals, pems will only do this when encouraged

by your cardi...


Pems seem to bark more than cardis, your cardi might copy this.

Pems are everyone’s friend, they might be more outgoing to strangers then Cardis are.
Pems are more serious about their meals, we have had more fuzzy eating cardis then pems.
On the other hand, pems might quicker start off a fight over food, bones or toys.
Anyway, we think that Cardis and Pems combine very easy as they match in a lot of areas
as their construction and movement. Both breeds love attention from their owner,
love to be out in the garden and to have fun.
If you are thinking of having another puppy, inform your breeder well. Share info about your
other dog(s), the breeder will be able to advise you on the characters of the puppies. Talk
with your breeder on forehand about what to do if adding the new puppy eventually turns out
not to be the best thing if the dogs don’t come along and put it in your contract.
Always remember to see all your dogs as individuals with their own positive and less positive
traits and love them for that!