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Puppies born March 1. 2017:

We are very excited about our U-litter! We have 8 (3-5) brindle puppies and they are doing really well!

Emma is a good mum and Elmo a proud dad!
puppies at 4 weeks
puppies at 2 weeks
puppies at 1 week
puppies a few days young








UK/HR/IT/LUX CH. Waggerland Not For Sale   Hova Bonde's Ema Sky



NJK'12 BJSG'12 EJW'12


PRA: Clear through lines


PRA: tested clear

ECVO: eyetest 2013: distichiasis (1 hair, right eye lower eyelid),


ECVO: eyetest 2013 clear of all eye diseases

clear of all other eye diseases


Hips:  HD A (FCI)

Hips:  HD A (FCI)


DM: carrier

DM: Normal through lines




Breeder and co-owner: S. Bonde-Henriksen

Pedigree of this litter

CH Waggerland Not For Sale CH Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster CH Copperleaf Burnt Spice
CH Copperleaf Rose of Sharon
CH Trysor's Somethingroyal CH Twinroc Santa Paws
CH Roragyn's Silver Bells
Hova Bonde's Ema Sky CH Coedwig's Silversmith At Beitshemesh CH Visions I Have A Dream
Frm Moneypenny
All Trade Undercover Yardican Wardance
Phi-Vestavia Cameron Brig