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the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Books about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi


             Dutch books

Jubileumboek NWCC 1950-1990
Nederlandse Welsh Corgi Club

50 year Dutch Welsh Corgi Club
Nederlandse Welsh Corgi Club

De Welsh Corgi Pembroke en Cardigan - v. Voorthuysen-Dijkhuis




Welsh Corgi’s
Ruud Haak & Roja Stoppelenburg


               English Books

The Cardiganshire Corgi
Clifford L.B. Hubbart
The Popular Welsh Corgi
Charles Lister-Kaye
Our friend the Welsh Corgi
Rowland Johns

The Welsh Corgi
Charles. Lister-Kaye

CWCA Handbook 2002-2003
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ass.

Book of UK Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Champions 1926-2004
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ass.



Welsh Corgis
Charles Lister-Kaye

the Family Welsh Corgi
- D. Albin


American Books 


The Cardigan Handbook
Pat Santi

The Illustrated Standard
of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi -

How to raise and train a Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Nelms & Pym



Cardigan Welsh Corgis
- Nelms & Pym

Cardgian Welsh Corgi
The Kennel Club