Typical Cardigan!

The articles on this site
are intended to provide
additional information about
the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


The Cardigan attracts for many reasons, he has:

A great personality


Will to please
A guarding instinct
A Herding instinct
Great looks that makes you smile
Beautiful colours
A self rinsing coat
But the Cardigan also has his minor points:
He likes chasing (small animals)
He can nip heels
His coat gets wet as he's low to the ground
He likes catching bees and fly’s
Sporting activities for a Cardigan?
Obedience is one of the safest sporting activities, but
still needs to be build up safely.
Cardies are easily bored but when proper trained they
make good obedience dogs.
Clickertraining really suits them.
Their training should always be fun and positive with
many encouragements and rewards.
Agility is not the most suited sport for a Cardigan.
With his long back, short legs, weight and risk of spine problems the different
obstacles can be a risk for your dog even though they jump low.
The same applies to Flyball, however this might suit the Cardigan a bit better than agility
since they always jump in straight lines, the jumps are relative low and the ball-ejectors
have become more dog-friendly.
Herding Sheep is a great sport but it will excite your
dog to the max, therefore most dogs should be
protected against themselves.
Herding sheep is safer then herding cows as cattle can
kick when they are bitten in their heels,
this is why we use the term “heeler” for the Cardigan.
With herding sheep the problem might arise that your
dog will start hunting other animals in nature as  
their herdinginstinct will be effected.  
Cycling with the Cardigan is possible but as you can imagine the Cardigan isn’t the most
suitable with its short legs.
The dog should always trot while cycling and as you can understand, with a Cardigan
you will not speed up.
However some people already took their (Dutch) UV-exams, that is a test where you cycle
with your dog for 20 km.
It’s important to build up your exercises and the trainingsessions. Don’t start agility,
Flyball or Herding before they are 1 year of age.
You can start with Obedience as a puppy.