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Here at Waggerland we are very excited as we have decided on some really nice breeding combinations starting in 2020!

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Future Puppyplans for 2022:





Waggerland Big Bang   Big-Wood's Hula Hula

PRA: normal (tested by Embark)


PRA: clear (tested)

ECVO: eyetest 2021: clear of all eyediseases


ECVO: eyetest 2019 clear of all eye diseases

Hips:  HD: A (FCI) & LTV 0


Hips:  HD A (FCI)

DM: normal (tested by Embark)



ED: grade 1


Ee: tested by Embark


Pedigree of this litter

Keksband Hold Us Tight CH All Trade Gone Fishing CH Extacee Dancin In The Moonlight
CH All Trade Shaken Not Stirred
CH Keksband It Is What It Is CH Extacee By Green Sand Beach
CH Ormai Evelyn Snow White
Waggerland Zazoo Bymil The Big Picture CH Belroyd Pemcader Cymro
CH Bymil Picture This
Waggerland Silver Fox CH Waggerland Color Confetti
Hova Bonde's Ema Sky



Tin Tin


Big-Wood's Flash Sentry   Carddicted Return To Sender JWW'18

PRA: normal (DNA tested)


PRA: normal (DNA tested)

ECVO: eyetest 2020 clear of all eye diseases


ECVO: eyetest 2019 clear of all eye diseases

Hips:  HD A (FCI)


Hips:  HD C (FCI)

DM: Normal (tested)


DM: normal (tested)


Pedigree of this litter

Big-Wood's Flash Sentry Kilvroch Pontus Joseter Mr. Parkinson
CH Kilvroch Enchantress
CH Big-Wood's Triumph Renown CH Cheysuli's Tri to Remember
CH Kilvroch Tamina
Carddicted Return To Sender CH Waggerland Keep Smiling CH Yasasiikuma Dragon Defender
CH Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous
CH Carddicted Just Watch Me CH Cymbrogi's Equilibrium
CH All Trade Sugar And Spice