Welcome at the Waggerland Welsh Corgi webpages 


We expect puppy's ! For more information please contact us !

Here at Waggerland we enjoyed our dogs and we had a great year with super show results, bringing home some really great titles.
I am not just breeding Cardiís, I am very involved in the dogworld as a judge, as a president of two
breedclubs (Dutch Welsh Corgi Association & Australian Shepherd Club Nederland)
 and as president of FCI group 1 in the Netherlands.
So far we  only had one litter in January 2020 so we are very excited about our upcoming litter 
end of August and our future puppyplans.

We are very serious regarding the temperaments of our dogs and ofcourse we run the health tests for our breeds.

We were blessed with some nice health clearances in our dogs but as a breeder you have to be realistic,

it is impossible for every dog or other living creature to be 100% healthy, so no guarantees there.

But I do guarantee how I will deal with such situations.

 I will guide the owners and the dog to get the best out of it and ofcourse I will live up to the agreement we have signed.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions and I hope youíll enjoy exploring our website!


Spring is here!


Dedication comes with loyalty, love and passion for the breed...

We hope you will enjoy our website, dedicated to our best friends, our Cardigan Welsh Corgis!!!

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