November 25. 2007

Winner Show in Amsterdam

Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster

Floatin' Glesni Glain

Youth Winner '07 and Winner '07 - BOB

Youth Winner '07 and Winner '07

Rachel Noij & Phil Bitter

Phil Bitter & Rachel Noij


October 23. 2007

Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster (Foster), see photo above,
was best dog and Best of Breed at the Welsh Corgi Clubshow in Paris

February 7. 2007

4 Puppies born !
On February 7, Rarebit Black Cressida (Bizzy) gave birth to 4 healthy puppies!
photopage for nice pictures.
February 4. 2007
Clubshow British Sheepdogs in Luxembourg
Floatin' Ffagan Ffinian (
Fonzy) received CAC / Best of Breed
His littersister Floatin' Farah Faraday (Farah) took CAC
February 3. 2007
Eindhoven (NL)
Floatin' Ffagan Ffinian (
Fonzy) wins his 3rd Dutch Youth Championship and now is officially
a Dutch Youth Champion !