December 21. 2009

 Foster wins Best of Breed under judge mr. E. Wieldraaijer (NL) at the Int. Dogshow in Wijchen (NL)

and was shortlisted in the group.

Andy, our topwinning Pembroke won Best of Breed as well and was placed 3rd in the group under

mr. E. Wieldraaijer! Thank you judge for appreciating our dogs!


December 13. 2009

Riverside Telltail Secret Circus made his first entry in the showring, he was shown under judge

mrs. R: Wagner (L) at the Brussels Dogshow and won Junior Class, Best Junior and qualified for

Crufts 2010! Way to go Circus!


November 29. 2009

We are very proud of our show team, at the Winner Show in Amsterdam we had great results! 

Foster was absent and still celebrating winning his first ticket, while his son Bono won his first title:

Junior Winner 09. He also won Res. Best Dog. Holly was shown for the second time and won

Best Puppy, she also got shortlisted in the Main Ring at the end of the day.


As did Jewel, who became Winster 09 and won Best of Breed! All dogs were handled by Hanno, 

he completed his day by winning the Winner 09 title with our Pem Andy.


November 28. 2009

Foster, expertly handled by Lisa Croft-Elliot (Llaneirwg), wins his first ticket in the UK at the Welsh

Corgi Club Championship Show in Welshpool under breeder judge mrs. M. Hackney.

photography Croft Elliot

November 21. 2009

At the open show of the Barry, Penarth & South Glamorgan Canine Society, held in Cardiff, Wales (UK)

Foster won Best of Breed under judge mrs. M. Sargent and won Group 1! He was professionally

handled by Lisa Croft-Elliot (Llaneirwg).

photography Croft Elliot


November 18. 2009

Bizzy was DNA-tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) by the OFA and was homozygous Normal,

as Foster was also tested homozygous Normal, their offspring Bono and Cookie have the same

results, we are very happy with those results!


November 15. 2009

We are very thrilled to introduce to you our new arrival: Reedly Road Globetrotter, our 10 weeks old

Pharaohound who is bred by Maria Evteeva from Russia. Just keep an eye on our little Phrank... 

Pictures coming up soon!


November 8. 2009

Foster wins Best of Breed at the Int. Dogshow in Bleiswijk (NL) under judge mrs. G. Cook from

Australia. Holly made her first entry in the showring and won Best Puppy. Andy, our Pem won

Best Dog.
Holly Andy

October 27. 2009

Cookie was hipscored and had the best of results, HD A (FCI) with no abnormalities of the bone and

Norbergwaarde 40, we hope to breed from her soon.


October 9. 2009

At the Championship Clubshow of the Welsh Corgi Club Slovakia Foster was handled by
Lisa Croft-Elliot and won CAC, CACIB and BOB under judge mrs. B. Muller (S).
Because of this second win, he became a Slovak Beauty Champion!

October 8. 2009

At the World Dogshow in Bratislava Foster gained his WORLD WINNER title, expertly handled by

Lisa Croft-Elliot he won CAC, CACIB and BOB under judge mr. K. Jarvinen (F).


October 6. 2009

Foster's OFA DNA result for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) came back, he is homozygous N/N with

two NORMAL copies of the gene associated with DM susceptibility.


October 4. 2009

Foster wins BIS-5 at the Int. Dogshow in Zwolle under judge mrs. B. Banbury (UK). It was quite an  

experience showing with 10 groupwinners for Best in Show. All credits go to his breeders David and
Deborah Anthony (Dragonpatch, USA), I'm just very lucky to have this great but above all sweet dog.

What a great achievement for a Cardigan Welsh Corgi!


October 4. 2009

It's partytime at Waggerland! Waggerland Burnt Spice, Dutch, owned by Chris Zolinsky, won Best of

Winners and became an American Champion today!!! Well done Chris, what a great job!


October 3. 2009

Foster wins group 1 at the Int. Dogshow in Zwolle. First mrs. M. Ebels-Heikens (NL) awarded him

Best of Breed, then mr. L. Lehmann Jorgensen (DK) gave him the group!

After several group placings, including some group 2's and 3's, we finally made it to the top,

what a great experience!!!


September 1. 2009

Today we paid our last respect to mrs. M.N. van Gelderen-Parker who passed away August 28. 2009.
She was a wellknown (group)judge and breeder of several breeds but the Cardigan Welsh Corgi was
her last love. She was a grand lady, had many contacts around the world, was a mentor for many
people, member of the English Kennelclub, Cynophilia and was rewarded with the golden pin provided
by the Dutch Kennelclub. She was so wise and never complaining. Nancy, we will miss you, it was a
privilage to have known you.


August 30. 2009

At the Int. Dogshow in Rotterdam (NL), Foster won Best of Breed under judge mr. C. Hastings (Ire) and

went on to win Group 2 under judge mrs. M. Collins (Ire).
Andy our Pembroke won Best of Breed under mrs. M. Collins and went on to win Group 3!!!
Cookie, our young Cardi bitch won Res. Best Bitch under mr. C. Hastings.
Wow, what a great day, thank you professional handler mr. B. Bekebrede for
showing Andy and thank you judges for these spectacular wins!!
  handler: Mr. B. Bekebrede

photo: Mr. W. v. Vught


August 29. 2009

Waggerland Covergirl now lives with her new friends... Look at her page, we will keep you updated!


August 18. 2009

Today we had to say goodbye to our friend Jennifer Gielisse, she was a very well known breeder
of the Italian Greyhound, the Basenji and some other breeds. She was respected throughout the world

and gained more than 50 (!) FCI World titles. She was only 57 years old. We will miss her.


August 2. 2009

Waggerland Colour Confetti is now living with his new mum and dad and his friend Josse... Please check his own page, we will keep you updated!


July 30. 2009

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

Left photo, Waggerland Big Spender (Cooper) and his big brother Zelco are celebrating
Cooper's first birthday, so is Waggerland Birthday Cracker (Bono), right photo.
Congratulations to all other Waggerland puppies, Hip Hip Huray!!!

July 8. & 9. 2009

Waggerland Burnt Spice, Dutchy, owned by Chris Zolinsky (USA) went Reserve Winners Dog

at the 22nd and 23rd Annual Speciality Show of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of the

Western Reserve under breeder Judge mr. K. Nielsen of Denmark. The next day he went

Winners Dog under breeder judge mrs. N. Cunliffe (USA). He was professionally handled

by mr. Tim Zeitz (USA). Welldone, what a great result at such a big show!


July 3. 2009

A group picture of our present litter, aren't they cute ?


June 12. 2009

Cookie made her first entry at an international dogshow in Oss in Holland. She was graded

excellent and went Best Bitch. At the same show Jewel went res. Best Bitch and became a

Dutch Champion! Jewel is Phil's 21st Champion. Foster went Best of Breed and got selected in

the group like Andy did, our Pem. Andy finally got placed 6th in the group.


June 6. 2009

9 puppies are born, 4 blue merles (2-2) and 5 brindle pointed tri's (2-3)


May 31. 2009

Foster wins Reserve Best Dog at the European Winnershow in Dublin (Ir) under

judge Mr. M. McCarthy (Ir).  Jewel won Reserve Best Bitch at the same event.


April 26. 2009

Foster wins Best of Breed under judge Mr. R. Vanhoenacker (B) at the Int. Dogshow in Goes and

went on to win Group 4 under groupjudge Mrs. I. Onstenk-Schenk. Thank you judges

for appreciating this great dog!


April 5. 2009

At the Int. Dogshow in Antwerp (B) Foster wins Best of Breed under judge Mr. R. Blessing (D) and

Oliver, our Pem, won Group 2 under Mrs. M. Vermeiren (B), just another great day....


March 21. 2009

Foster wins Group 2 at the National Dogshow in Wieze, Belgium.

We would like to thank Mr. E. Wieldraaijer for this great win!


March 8. 2009

Crufts 2009: another great event, Foster wins Reserve Best Dog from out of Openclass under

breedjugde Mr. K. Littlefair from the UK. Darci, our new imported Pem won 1st in his class out of

21 entries under breederjudge Mr. S. Parsons (UK).


March 1. 2009

At the Int. Dogshow in Groningen, mr. S. Parsons (UK) judged the breed. Jewel won Best Bitch

and Foster won Best of Breed. Mr. M. Redlicki (PL) judged the group and awarded Foster Group 3,

because of this he qualified for the Dog of the Year Competition 2009 and as he turned 27 months, he

 gained his Dutch Championship title, we are so proud, thank you judges for appreciating our dogs!!!


February 22. 2009

At the dog of theYear Competition 2008 Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster won group 2

February 21. 2009

Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster wins CAC and CACIB and Best of Breed at the International Show

in Hoogstraten under Judge Mrs. M. Ebels


February 8. 2009

At the Championshipshow for Britsh Sheepdogs Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster and Waggerland

 At all Times both won their second Luxembourg Championship and by these wins gained their

Luxembourg Champion titles. At this show, Andy, our young Pembroke, won Best in Show! The day

before he took group 3 at the int. dogshow in Eindhoven.  


January 9. 2009

At Waggerland we are enjoying the wintertime in Holland!

Pictured here are Waggerland Birthday Cracker, "Bono" and Waggerland Bedtime Cookie, "Cookie"

 and their proud dad Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster.