December 25. 2019


 December 23. 2019

Wow, the best show of the year!
We showed at the DWCA Christmas Corgi which had such special atmosphere!
Too many Waggerlands were shown, haha, but somehow we managed!
Waggerland Unavailable went Best of Breed under judge mr. J. Ebels,
Floatin’ Helen Heilin became Best Veteran in Show and was the oldest dog present.
Waggerland Zazoo went Reserve Best Bitch and became Best Junior in Show.
Many dogs won their classes! I am very grateful towards all Waggerland owners being present at this show, it was fun!!!
The best way to finish a wonderful year with great dog events!
Merry Christmas everyone and a Cardilicious 2020!

December 22. 2019

At the Dutch Winnershow we were thrilled to take some nice titles home.

Judge mrs. E. Bakker-v.d.Woestijne awarded Waggerland Unavailable with the Winnertitle and gave her BOS.
The two juniors, brother and sister Waggerland Zimzalabim and Waggerland Zazoo, both won their Junior Winner titles!
Whoop whoop! Waggerland Under Arrest went Reserve Best Male.
Thanks Erna and Amy for being there and Lisa for showing Happy!

December 15. 2019

We love IDS Brussels and had fun and exciting wins. Waggerland Zazoo showed her socks off and went Best Junior

under judge mr. G. Jipping (NL), Waggerland Not for Sale went Best Opposite Sex and his daughter

Waggerland Unavailable won Best of Breed!

They all qualified for Crufts and won the Belgian Winner titles... super cool!


November 17. 2019

We had a great day at IDS Kortrijk (B) as Waggerland Not for Sale, aka Elmo,

won BOS under judge mr. P. Stanton while

his daughter Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, won BOB!!!

Okay and we are in love with this pic!


October 26. 2019

At IDS Leuven (B) Waggerland Under Arrest took top honours under judge mr. Th. Leenen (B) and made it

to the final 6 in the main ring, woohoo Vito & Amy, you two rocked!


October 13. 2019

We showed in Dortmund at the Bundessieger and we had a great day with

Zazoo (Bymil the Big Picture x Waggerland Silverfox)

going BOS from juniorclass under judge mrs. S. Langhorst-de Haan (D) and

Elmo (Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster x Trysors Somethingroyal) going BOB,

thanks Lisa for your expert handling in the main ring!


September 28. 2019

At IDS Maastricht we showed our little blue girl Zazoo in junior class under breeder judge mrs. C. Sonberg (N).

And wow, she won Best of Breed! We were thrilled with another nice win for our youngest!


 September 15. 2019

Another 3 shows…

Zazoo rocked the ring with Lisa and went Best of Breed at these shows from junior.
In the end she also won a nice Junior Best in group 1! Wow, thank you judges and super hander Lisa!

September 14. 2019

Wow, 3 shows at the famous Dracula show in Targu Mures (RO) for our junior Waggerland Zazoo.
Zazoo went BOS at her first show, handled by Lisa Croft-Elliott who she only just met…
She went Best of Breed at the other 2 shows, and went res. Best Junior in group 1 at her third show.

August 25. 2019

At the second day in Rotterdam, Happy won Best of Breed under mrs. M. Collins (IE) and qualified for
our Dog of the Year competition by going Group 3 under our breedjudge. Woohoo, super duper!!!

August 24. 2019

At IDS Rotterdam Happy won Best of Breed under judge mrs. J. Dekker,
she was perfectly handled by her other mum Lisa Croft-Eliott.

August 18. 2019

At IDS Mechelen (B) Happy won another Best of Breed under judge mrs. I. Hectors and went on to win a

nice GROUP 2 under judge mrs. Melchior (L), woohoo, thank you Lisa for taking our girl to the top!

July 28. 2019

Not as big a win as yesterday, yet Happy went Best of Breed again under judge mr. B. Vandaele (B).

Thanks Lisa for having her there while we were enjoying a nice holiday in Croatia!


July 27. 2019

At IDS Liege (B) our Happy was shown by her other mum Lisa and she went Best of Breed under judge
mr. V. Baranauskas (LT) and…GROUP 1 under judge mrs. D. Klein.

June 29. 2019

At int. Dogshow Genk (B) Waggerland Under Arrest, aka Vito, went BOS under judge mr. Wibier. Oh well...


June 19. 2019

Today I received a breeder diploma from the UK Kennelclub as another Waggerland has gained her UK championship!

Very proud of Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy! Thank you Lisa Croft-Elliott for being my Co-pilot on this journey!


June 16. 2019

What a blast we had at the Austrian Winner in Wels, judges by breeder judge mr. K. Nielsen (DK)!

OMG, my blue girl Zazoo went BEST OF BREED, at the tender age of only 9 months!
Our junior male Waggerland Yolo went 2nd in junior and both Happy and Vito won the CACIB and Austrian Winner titles!
Wow, Zazoo did well in the main ring with such long waiting (group 1 & junior) very proud of my team!
Lisa needs to be mentioned here as well, she handled and groomed Happy to perfection 👌.
Gerben and Amy were great travelling companions once again, thanks guys we had fun!

June 15. 2019

EDS time!

It was judge mr. B. Croft (UK) who thought very highly of our Happy and gave her the CACIB so she prolonged her

European title! She also went Best Opposite Sex. Her brother Vito only got placed 4th.

The others didn’t place. Not the EDS we hoped for. Organisation was not great. Circumstances HOT!

Thank god for our great hotel 👌


June 14. 2019

Eurocorgi in Austria!

We showed our four Cardis and all did well, they placed in every class with “excellent” under judge mrs. Th. Taylor (UK).

Our junior girl Waggerland Zazoo even won a huge rosette for Best Blue Merle in show, this rosette was sponsored by the Rhiwelli

kennels from Yvon Caul (UK)!  Very honoured to have won this great rosette!


June 12. 2019

Final day in Komarom, Lisa only showed Happy in Breed and did great again, she won Best of Breed under

judge mrs. P. Mcdermid (US), thank you judge for you kind words about our girl!


June 11. 2019

Day 2 at Komarom, Hungary.

Lisa showed our star once again and did well!

Best of Breed under judge mr. R. Zammit (OUT) and GROUP 3 under group judge mr. L. Zoumpolidis (GR) who judged

the breed the day before! Wow, thanks Lisa for another great result!


June 10. 2019

Lisa went ahead and showed Happy at the first shows in Komarom, Hungary!

She went Best of Breed in the specialty and the first of the CACIB shows in exorbitant temperatures, woohoo!!!


June 9. 2019

At IDS Venray we finished two Cardis and a Mini in style...
Vito won Best of Breed under judge mrs. Beenen-Sluyters and finished his Dutch Champion title in style!
Peri went Best Opposite Sex and gained her Dutch Junior title.
Yippee, thanks Amy and Erna for keeping up high the Waggerland honours while I was out judging
the Corgi Specialty in the Ukraine!
Almost forgot, Rianne took my MAS Silver Dreams Mini All of my Life and groomed and handled her to
Best of Breed from junior class!
She had already finished her junior title, just forgot about that... Thanks all!!!

June 2. 2019

Again it was Lisa who took Happy to another nice Best of Breed under judge mr. A. Thevenon (Fr) and then went

all the way to a stunning GROUP 2 under judge mr. L. Pichard (S). Wow what a weekend, very grateful, thanks Lisa!


June 1. 2019

Lisa piloted Happy to some new titles at IDS Paris, what a show with 6600+ dogs entered!

Under mr. J. Walsh (Ie) she won Best of Breed, no love for her in the group with mrs. E. Haapiniemi (Fi)


April 28. 2019

While we were having fun in Eurodisney and were at the Eiffeltower, Lisa and Happy did a great job
at the championship show in Welks (UK), winning her 3rd and final CC under judge mr. S. Mallard (UK)!

Woohoo, doing the HAPPYDANCE for another UK Champion from our kennel!


April 20. 2019

At IDS Goes (NL) Waggerland Yolo made his debute and won the res. CC from juniorclass under judge mr. Tolson (IE).

The next day he was shown as well under mrs. Zizewska (CZ) but he got a DQ as one of his testicles is smaller than the other one,

due to a chemical castration, fingers crossed this will come back to normal!


April 14. 2019

At IDS Antwerp it was Happy who went Best of Breed under judge mr. Al Daghistani (RS), thanks Lisa for having her there!


April 13. 2019

At IDS Antwerp (B) Lisa piloted Happy to Best Opposite Sex under judge mr. C. Hastings (IE). Yeah..


March 24. 2019

Got the best pics of our Blue Merle male Waggerland Zig Zag, who got the best home in Russia.


March 16. 2019

At IDS Weelde (B) Lisa took Happy to Best of Breed under judge mr. J. Wulteputte (B), woohoo!!!

Thanks once again Lisa!


March 9. 2019

CRUFTS 2019 was not our best year…

Under judge mrs. K. Hewitt (UK) we took 3 3rd places with Happy, Tin Tin and Priha and a second place with

Vito behind the Best of Breed.


March 3. 2019

At the Benelux Show in Groningen (NL) Both Waggerland Unavailable and Waggerland Under Arrest gained their

Benelux titles under judge mr. K.E. Johansson (SE), now it was Vito who won Best of Breed while

Happy took Best Opposite Sex. Peri was shown in junior again and went 3rd with an excellent.

Our Mini Jessy went Best of Breed, gained her Benelux titel and went GROUP 2 in the group for Breeds with

National Recognition under judge mr. G. Jipping!


March 1. 2019

At IDS Groningen (NL) it was Waggerland Unavailable who won Best of Breed under judge mr. Belkis (TR) while

her brother Waggerland Under Arrest went Best Opposite Sex.

Peri was shown in junior and went 3rd with an excellent.
Our Mini went Best Opposite Sex under judge mr. R. Doedijns (NL).
Thanks Lisa, Erna, Wilma and Amy for the fun day.

February 28. 2019

We are excited with our 3 puppies by Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry x Waggerland Just Jackie! Two males and one girl, all brindles!

February 21. 2019

A sad day... We said goodbye to Phil Bitter-van Sliedregt.
She was my mentor and we had the best of times visiting shows and searching for nice Cardis.
She was a knowledgeable Cardi breeder and she bred many great champions.
I am grateful for the great times we had, for the knowledge she shared and passion she had for the breed.
She was a true ambassador for the breed.
Bye Phil, thanks for everything, I’m sure you’ll watch over us, know that you will be remembered!

 February 17. 2019

YEAH, another great show in Luxembourg (L) at the 34eme Championat des 3 frontieres,

Waggerland Unavailable went Best of Breed and won BEST IN SHOW under judge mrs. A. Lundava (EST),

her brother Waggerland Under Arrest went Best Oposite Sex, woohoo!!!


February 9. 2019

Woohoo, Charlotte and I drove up to the UK for a CWCA Clubshow of South East England (UK) and
 Waggerland Unavailable won her 2nd ticket under judge mrs. L. Cartledge (UK),
whoop whoop, we had a great time and were very HAPPY!

February 1. 2019

At IDS Eindhoven Waggerland Under Arrest won it all by going Best of Breed under judge mr. D. Rutte.
Our Russian junior Peri got a Very Good 2 in her class. Thanks Amy and Erna for coming!
Our Miniature American Shepherd Jessy won Best of Breed under judge mrs. G. de Wit-Bazelmans (NL) and
went on to win GROUP 1 in the group for Breeds with National Recognition!

January 17. 2019

Woohoo, Manchester (UK) Dogshow was GREAT!

Lisa showed Waggerland Unavailable towards her first ticket under judge mrs. E.A. Macdonald (UK)!!!
 Wow, what a thrill!!!

January 13. 2019

We had fun showing both Waggerland Unavailable as Waggerland Robin Hood at the Dog Of The Year Show in 

The Netherlands, as they both qualified for this honourable show.
Happy even made the cut with the last 6 under judge mr. D. Baars (NL)!

Whoop whoop, we had a great event!


January 12. 2019

At IDS Genk (B) Waggerland Unavailable, aka Happy, was piloted by her other mum Lisa Croft-Elliott and

she won Best of Breed under judge mrs. P. Antoaneta (RU). Whoop whoop, thanks Lisa!