December 16. 2021

We are very excited with the five little ones, born December 16. 2021!

Proud mum and dad are Waggerland Virginia Creeper, aka Pippa and Waggerland Big Bang, aka Bob!

Mum and the puppies are doing well, growing like weeds!


October 16. 2021

Very very happy to have passed my exams for the Dutch Shepherd Dog (3 varieties)!


October 3. 2021

Time for another show! We entered 3 dogs at the WCCN Clubshow under mr. R. Blessing from Germany.

Waggerland Big Bang became Reserve Best Male, Carddicted Return To Sender, known as Tin Tin won Best Bitch and

ended up Best Opposite Sex!

Waggerland Dreamweaver went second in her class. Happy with double points for Tins and a full CAC for Bob.


October 1. 2021

Had a great time judging Cardis at the Corgi Clubshow in Brno along with the World Dog Show.

Too bad we couldn’t show this time.


September 26. 2021

The second day looked a bit like the first with again Waggerland Big Bang going Best of Breed and his sister

Waggerland Bling Bling won the Reserve CACIB under judge mrs. J. Walsh from Ireland.

Waggerland Dreamweaver, aka Dolly, showed herself better than the day before and went Best Bitch again.

Our Miniature American Shepherd Silverdream Mini’s All My Life, aka Jessie, became Best of breed and finished her Dutch title.

 I was very happy Naomi van Mourik could take Jessie’s lead in te main ring.

Both Jessie and Bob made it to the 6 finalists in group 1 under judge mrs. J. Walsh from Ireland!

   So we were very happy and grateful for a smooth restart of our shows!


September 25. 2021

After a long long break it was time to get started again…

We had a great time at IDS Maastricht and some dogs finally made their debute!

Waggerland Big Bang, aka Bob, went all the way to Best of Breed and his sister

Waggerland Bling Bling went Reserve Best Bitch under judge mrs. M. Gvozdieva from the Ukraine.

Our Corona-junior Waggerland Dreamweaver did very well at her first show,

she went Best Bitch at the tender age of 10 months.

Bob made it to the 6 finalists in group 1 under judge mrs. C. Dunne from Ireland.


September 9. 2022

We received Waggerland Big Bang’s ED-score, unfortunately ED GRADE 1 due to arthrosis.
He was clear for ED-related issues like OCD, LPC, LPA and Incongruence.

August 21. 2021

Wow passed my exams for the Bouvier and Beauceron, love it!


June 28. 2021

Whoop Whoop, we have been x-raying some dogs and are so happy with the results that came back today:

Waggerland Bling Bling   HD FCI A & LTV 0
Waggerland Big Bang   HD FCI A & LTV 0
Waggerland Virginia Creeper   HD FCI A & ED 0 & LTV 1
Miniature American Shepherd Silverdream Mini’s All My Life   HD FCI A & ED 0 & LTV 0

June 16. 2021

Very happy with the ECVO results for Waggerland Bling Bling (aka Pip) and Waggerland Under Arrest (aka Vito),

everything was okay for another year!

June 12. 2021

Oops, we made it into the magazine from a Dutch newspaper…


June 10. 2021

Woohoo another round of ECVO-results, everything okay for another year for:

Waggerland Big Bang

Waggerland Unavailable

Waggerland Zazoo

Carddicted Return to Sender

Miniature American Shepherd Silverdream Mini’s All My Life 


June 1. 2021

Woohoo, eyes clear in the ECVO-check up for Waggerland Virginia Creeper!


April 29. 2021

Sometimes breeding is hard…

We were looking forward to have our last litter with Waggerland Silverfox.

We successfully mated her to Covventinea Ready to Rumble, which was quite a thing during Corona lockdown…

As she didn’t have good contractions we decided to go for a c-section.

Loulou had 12 puppies on board but unfortunately most didn’t live.

 She had 2 (!) waterpuppies, one on each side, a rarity.

The puppies were exceptionally small, 180-200 gr.

We brought home 5 survivors, only to see another one letting go of life in the morning.

At 7 weeks of age we had to say goodbye to another beloved puppy due to Megaoesophagus.

That was such a sad experience but the only wise thing to do.

He crossed the bridge in the hands of our brave daughter Charlotte who had a great bond with him.

We buried him next to the other fur kids who left us.

Two weeks later our 3 puppies found their ways to their new families, all ended up with people who already have Waggerlands so

 that felt really good. Loulou was happily reunited with her own family and with that we closed off a worryful period.