One or more Cardis? The articles on this site
are intended to provide
additional information about
the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


Universal studies learnt us that many petdogs lead a lonely life. Having just one Cardi is great
but as we leave our house, our good companion stays behind.
To avoid stress and loneliness it is recommended to have a second pet in the house…
From my own experience I can tell you that having 2 or even more Cardis
absolutely is of higher value.
The big surplus is that they recognize each other's play as it is breed specific
and therefore they are triggered to react. Most of the time dogs of the same breed
will accept and tolerate each other easier than dogs from other breeds,
this is because they understand each other's behavior and don’t experience it as threatening.
On the other hand, I do not recommend people to have 2 pups from the same litter.
This because it asks so much, even from experienced dogpeople.
After a period of time you will experience that the 2 pups did not develop as free
as you would have hoped for. 2 Pups will very easily focus on each other and give less
attention to their owners. Together they will feel strong but when taken out
on their own, they will feel insecure.
A second or third Cardi is recommendable but I would only have another one,
once the First dog has settled as a good companion and is in balance, mentally and physically.
Dogs copy each other's behavior and if you still face minor problems with your first dog,
the higher the risk that your second dog might start to react the same way and you wouldn’t
be happy to have 2 dogs who show behavior you would not like to see.
Having a dog or a bitch is a personal preference, it is not to be said that 2 dogs will fight
each other en that 2 bitches will not! Allthough a lot of people think so.
If the first dog developed into a steady dog, the pup will be corrected by the other dog in a
normal way and a good relationship is to be expected. Eventually the younger dog will try to
stand up to the older dog at one point but that will take some time!

If you are in doubt about having another Cardi, do contact the breeder you trust!


“One Cardigan is fun,
Two Cardigans are better,
More Cardigans are the best!”