Waggerland Cardigan Welsh Corgiís puppy policy

If you are thinking about buying a Waggerland Cardigan Welsh Corgi we ask you to read this very carefully.

We are very passionate about this great breed. We breed to improve on our stock.
Otherwise, what else would we breed for?
So we hope to run on one or two puppies from the litter that we have bred. We choose our puppies the earliest
at six/seven weeks of age. We do health tests on both parents and run DNA-tests but most important for us  
are temperaments.
We rather have a great dog living to be 8 than a disaster dog living to be 16Ö
Having a dog should be fun, not a complicated thing because of his temperament.
Our goal for the breed is to add sound cardis in body and mind to the population. We also focus on  genetic diversity.
This should be every breedís focus as we breed within closed studbooks which  leads to a decrease of genetic
diversity. We even think that one day soon it will be necessary to add new founders to the breed to increase new
genes and therefore genetic diversity.

Visit us

We appreciate you to come and see us and our dogs at the dogshows we take part in and we do like
you to contact us through e-mail or by  phone.
Unfortunately we miss out on e-mails now and then because we receive many e-mails every day.
Please donít take that personally, just resend and we will get back to you asap!
It is possible to meet us  at home but please note that we are very active in the dog world and because of that
many of our weekends and evenings are filled with dog events and meetings. 
Available puppies
Most of the time all puppies are spoken for before they are born! We don't have waitinglists, we just deal
with everyone in person
Choose your breeder
We think getting a puppy is a big thing! You need to select your breeder with care. Donít just go and get your name
on every waiting list out there. By doing that you create fake waitinglists and that drives breeders crazy and enables
others to focus on having a puppy in the near future when they are nr. 20 on a list.
Every breeder has his own goals, knowledge and standards. Besides that both breeder
and puppy buyer need to have a click in order to build up a long lasting relationship that benefits  the dog.
No export of pet puppies
We do not export pet puppies to other countries. Many things need to be dealt with such as transport, vaccinations,
paperwork and most important socialization. Due to EU-regulation we need to run on a puppy until 16 weeks
of age and that requires a lot of work as we need to socialize the puppy the best we can.
Sometimes we run on several puppies to make a final choice later on when they are a bit older,
so now and then nice puppies become available at a later age.
Export of puppies to breeders or showhomes
The puppies who will be available to other breeders or showhomes need to have outstanding potential
otherwise we would not offer them. These dogs are our ambassadors and we want them to show the world our
high standard. We do not longer sell these dogs for the same price as pets as males will be used for stud and
females will be used as broodbitches. 
We came to this decision as we have invested and still invest lots to improve our stock.
 Not every dog we imported, stayed with us as they did not always turn out as we hoped for.
We also imported semen of some dogs but until now we were not lucky to have puppies from those breedings.
All in all you can imagine what goes into all this, time and moneywise. We take risks and we work and pay for it.
Some of our puppy buyers bought their dogs for a pet price and started to give them at stud regularly or had
a few litters. Some even tried to sell matings to make money from it.
So we learned from certain experiences and we think itís fair that we ask a different price for the

outstanding potentials nowadays.   

DNA profile
Our breeding stock is DNA-profiled and every puppy has itís own DNA-ISAG2006 profile when leaving us.
Also itís DNA is stored and parentage verification has been done in order to be registered in the Dutch Studbook.
We also have to register our puppies in a database that is approved by our government.
Health tests

We run several (DNA) tests on our breeding stock. Currently we test for:

  Elbows (with our youngsters born in 2017)  
  Eyes (ECVO)  
  PRA (DNA)  
  DM (DNA)  
We breed according to the Dutch legislation, the rules of our kennelclub and as members of the
Dutch Welsch Corgi Association (DWCA) we also go by the breedingrules of our club.
Our puppies are dewormed at a regular base, starting at two weeks of age and so on every two weeks.
A week after their first vaccination at six weeks of age they are allowed to leave but only if they are mentally up
to it, so earliest after they have reached the age of seven weeks.
Due to new EU- and Dutch legislation puppies in most EU-countries can only travel to their new home after
fifteen weeks of age. Only from twelve weeks on, a puppy can have a rabies vaccination and then it takes
three more weeks before the puppy is allowed to travel.
Socializing puppies is not just something easily done, it takes time, knowledge and devotion. Therefore
we wonít run on pet puppies for a longer period of time as no one and no puppy will benefit from that.
It simply takes too much time to socialize every puppy in a decent way up to sixteen weeks of age.
Choosing a Waggerland puppy
We try to get a good and complete idea about your situation and what you look for in a puppy.
We also know our puppies, what they can bring in life and what their needs are. Around the time
the puppies are five/six weeks of age, we ask the new puppy owners to give us a list with their top three..
We will choose our own puppy or puppies around the age of six weeks, after they had their temperament
puppytest. Once we had that, the new owners will know what puppies will be available. Sometimes we
know on forehand that we wonít run on certain puppies and we will inform you about that earlier.
We are very experienced in making a good match and we like to do this together with you. It might
happen one day that someone will back out because they canít have the puppy they like best but we
have not had this situation yet.
Many people set their mind on a puppy only by the way they look and that is not the way to choose a puppy.
Really, their temperaments are so important, thatís what you will have to deal with the rest of your puppyís life.
We realize that our method of choosing a puppy asks patience from the new owners but itís how we do it.
We breed for ourselves and the puppies we wonít keep need to go to the best forever homes we can find them.
That is our responsibility.
Special requests
Every puppy we sell comes with a contract.
You can find an example here. (click)
If people want to breed or show with their Waggerland Cardigan, we ask them to tell us, so we can find them
a puppy that meets the criteria to do so. Prizes of these puppies vary depending on the combination and quality
of the puppy and of the terms in the contract. You will understand that only few puppies are of such quality that
they become available for these specific homes.
Please keep in mind that we dedicated our lives to this great breed, that we have invested lots of love,
time and money and that we faced many challenges and setbacks before we came to this point where we
dare to say we have quite a good eye for the breed.
We like to advise you regarding the rearing of your Waggerland puppy and we have the knowledge to do so.
If things come up we will guide you and ofcourse we will always take back a puppy if it doesnít fit in.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every Waggerland puppy will be healthy and live without defects.
If there would be a method to breed puppies without defects, we would opt for that! Even though more
health tests become available, there is no way to exclude defects from any living creature.
We do guarantee that we did the best we could, with the information available at the time of breeding
or rearing. Information will be shared with you during the rearing of the puppies at our place and will be 
written down in the contract. We also guarantee that we will live up to our contract and guide you and your puppy.
We have a name to live up to.
Did we scare you?
Then we suggest you donít get a Waggerland puppy.
There are many good breeders out there, you just need to find the one that you feel comfortable with.
We wish you the best of luck on your search and hope you will enjoy the breed as much as we do!